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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have you ever wondered where fairies come from?

I'm proud to present a piece I made this morning up for auction! I was feeling a little low on inspiration, so I started surfing the web for quotes and I stumbled across a whole range of beautiful Peter Pan quotes. I've chosen my favourite and decided to base this auction item on it. Wispy, fairylike and painted in colours of the woods, this necklace packs the punch of the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell and ultimately the magic of this much-loved Disney cartoon, Peter Pan.

I've decided to speed this auction up a bit because I'm leaving soon for holidays, so it'll only last for 4 days instead of the usual 7. Sorry!

TRJ Auction Rules
1. Starting bid at $5
2. Minimum increment of $1 per bid
3. All prices in AUD
4. Closing date: 10pm Melbournian time on Sunday the 6th of December (which is 7pm Singapore time)

Current bid:
$28 (Vyki)
$26 (ST)
$25 (Anna)
$22 (Susan)
$20 (Vyki)
$17 (Anna)
$15 (Nat)
$11 (Jaslyn)
$10 (Anna)
$5 (default)