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Monday, April 14, 2014

A hello to break the 2-year silence

Hello everyone!

I realise it's been a while since I last updated the website, and truthfully it was only by chance that I decided to log into blogger this morning in a fit of procrastination from uni studies. I can't quite explain, or sufficiently put in words, the immense nostalgia and warmth that I felt as soon as I logged into the administrative dashboard of the shop. Although some things about blogger have changed, it was very, very good to have a peek again at the inner workings of the shop which has essentially persisted since its creation in 2007. It has come such a long way - and looking at it now, it has actually been two years since I last updated it (the last post was dated April 8 2012! Unbelievable!).

I hope you've been well, and of course I do hope to continue with this shop and my jewellery making. First priorities are to give this shop a serious makeover - the current layout is looking a little poorly!

Secondly, I hope to incorporate finer materials for my future pieces in future, so will essentially be removing a good majority of the current collection from the website. So if there is anything currently up here that strikes your fancy, please get in touch and a substantial discount will be applied to the final order. (Apologies for the laziness - I don't have the time to properly apply markdowns and such, but this is most definitely a sale of sorts. All this subject to the availability of the actual item of jewellery, of course.)

I look forward to sharing more pieces here with you all and, as always, thank you all for your patience, and your lasting support.

- Sam