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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The month of holidays and partying! What bliss! All this and more, coming up this month.

A brief holiday update: my room has never been cleaner since I recently suffered from a panic attack, brought on by the incredible mess of needles, thread, appliques, buttons and clips that my sewing ventures precipitated. I'll be uploading pics of what hairclips I came up with over these few days - not too many, but still reasonably something exciting to look forward to =)

Just so everyone knows: I'll be leaving for my holidays on the 12th of December to Korea and Singapore so all customizations and orders should ideally come in before that, seeing as I most probably won't be lugging around a kilo of beads and pliers around the globe with me! I'll be back in Melbourne sometime late January but will try to keep the website updated (possibly with photos!) of my travel.

Other than that, hope everything is coming along well with everyone. Eat, drink and be merry!