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Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick update amidst the holiday packing

I'm quite convinced that I am somewhat of a last-minute person... when left with 2 more days till I'm off to Singapore, what do I do? Suddenly decide that a spontaneous $10 earring sale is a good idea. And of course keep making more jewellery. In stark contrast, the pile of clothes that ought to be packed for the trip is still placidly sitting on the bed and the luggage bag is still empty... surely my priorities are a little mixed up right now, but I blame jewellery-making withdrawal symptoms - it's all hitting me too hard, too fast.

Whilst everyone's properly settling back into the festivities of holidays and perhaps the more organised amongst us will actually start thinking about Christmas presents for friends and family (trust me I'm not quite there yet), do take note of the following:

PS New pieces soon to come!!! I'm outdoing myself here aren't I? :-D

Edit (as of 12.03AM, 6 Dec): Finally the mini collection is up! Check it out - inspired by pastel shades and a tad too many rose quartz beads lying around begging to be used!