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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BAZAM. I'm back!

It has been too long! After 2 whole weeks of sheer torture, sleepless nights and immensely high stress levels, the dreaded exams are finally over today! It was a glorious day and was well-spent with very special people shopping down Chapel Street. I even got a skirt from Dotti! :O However the real exhilaration that I was expecting hasn't quite kicked in yet, probably needs a good night's sleep to realize. The thought of being able to wake up Whenever I Want tomorrow makes me so excited, my toes are tingling! So this newfound sense of liberation is slightly daunting, weird yet welcoming all at the same time.

Naturally, this means a lot more time available on my hands, so the workshop's looking potentially busy! I've compiled the following pieces I made during my difficult time of exams into a small collection, hope y'all like! I know I haven't had a collection since forever, but I'm hoping to get more out now that I have a lot more time to play with. Without having made these pieces, I am absoloutely positive I would have gone bonkers from the crazy high stress from the exams, and would not be sitting here calmly typing this out. So this is a very special collection! I decided to call it 'Simple Pleasures' because it reflects the bliss that one finds in the most unexpected ways.

I am actually going to churn out new pieces every so often from now on (and I think I may actually mean it for real this time!) so do keep checking back :) Thank you for all your patience during this difficult time; now that The Red Jewel's back in business you can definitely expect regular eye candy here any day!

XX Sam