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Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's good to be back!

Hello everyone!!! No I haven't gone for a holiday or anything of the sort - in fact quite the opposite. My trial exams are over!! They were on this whole week and pretty much drove me up the wall; e.g. Yesterday I wrote 5 history essays!

For now - spent this glorious, liberating morning making more stuff. I woke up to the feeling of: 'hey there's actually nothing to do today.' It was an awesome feeling. Made stuff, went out for yum cha, came back, lazed about, helped with a teeny bit of housework and now typing this out.

I found a cool, albeit lazy, way of zooming images in! Now all you have to do is hover over the existing image and a little popup thingamajigee will come up. So new pieces will be equipped with this handy feature as it's really too much trouble to go through all the existing ones.

A quick peek at the new items up: