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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Customized pieces

I've been working on a customized order recently for this bracelet-necklace set and the result was just lovely! Elizabeth, hope that you like this set as much as I do and that it matches your dress well :)

I've also come up with a custom made ring design for Elizabeth - not as part of the set above but just for separate wear. The joys of ring-making! Tedious, but rewarding.

Happy Friday in advance everyone! This week just passed by in a flash didn't it?


i love said...

i love the ring!!

would it be possible to customise a similar (not exactly alike) ring??

let me know!! thanks!

The Red Jewel said...

Hey there! Yes a similar customization is most certainly available. Please email me at with more details of what you'd like to include in the ring - e.g. colour, materials etc. Or any thoughts you have :)