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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Again! :) A Scattering of Nought - A TRJ Auction

Hey everyone,

Look who COULDN'T stay away from this long-stagnated place a few days longer!

Been pretty busy with heaps of stuff at school and the like; the past few weeks have simply been unbearable. To relax however, I've made heaps more pretty jewellery (some of which I've already uploaded on the site) and also, this gorgeous necklace - A Scattering of Nought.

It took me a while to assemble, so I decided:

1. I would never again do something like this...
2. To put it up for auction, seeing as it's my one and only piece that I would make!

TRJ Auction Rules
1. Starting bid at $1
2. Minimum increment of $1 per bid
3. All prices in AUD/SGD (1 AUD = 1 SGD)
4. Closing date: Tuesday the 9th of June

Current bid:
$27.00 (joeyk)
$22.00 (SL)
$20.00 (wy)
$19.00 (Nat)
$16.00 (CC)
$15.00 (Nat)
$9.00 (CC)
$8.00 (Cheryl)
$7.00 (CC)
$6.00 (Cheryl)
$5.00 (Su)
$5.00 (Ads)
$1 (default)

To place a bid, click on this button: