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Friday, November 28, 2008

Seasons Greetings from The Red Jewel

Hi everyone,

As I'm busy churning out the last few pieces of the Christmas collection, just thought that I'd let you guys in on a very important piece of news pertaining potential orders: I will be flying off to Singapore on the 7th of December for my hard-earned holidays and will not be back till end January next year, meaning that I will be MIA as far as new releases to The Red Jewel is concerned for around 2 months!

Unfortunately, in these 2 months of my holidaying overseas, I won't be able to accept new orders; hence, I will stop receiving new orders* w.e.f the 5th of December (next Friday).

*If you want to order something that is not yet marked as 'Sold Out' during the period of my holiday, you can still email me about it and I'll see if I have it on hand- I will be bringing whatever remaining stock of jewellery that has already been made back to Singapore with me, so if you're lucky I might just have what you wanted :)

DON'T PANIC THOUGH! If you were eyeing some stuff for friends/family as Christmas pressies, the options are:

1. Make full use of this Christmas special and SHOP UP NOW before the 5th of December.
2. Wait till next year, when I return from holidaying, to process your order. (never too late for belated Christmas/New Year's pressies I guess... but I would still recommend the first option!)

I think that's about it for now. And just before you guys embark on your shopping sprees, don't forget to hang on to a bit of cash for the upcoming Xmas collection as well!

PS If you have a big order, please send it in asap as it will benefit both of us (alright, me mostly) so that I won't be overwhelmed with the volume of the order, and have a bit of time to work around it.

Please note: During the period of the Christmas Special, all membership benefit discount schemes are invalid. The Red Jewel's Christmas Special also does not apply for customizations.