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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Interview with Kelly Malouf, fellow jewellery designer

Where are you located? Melbourne, Australia.
What do you design? Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings….the list goes on.
Where/How did you learn this? Self taught!
Where do you design your creations? In my dining room, as the dining room table is the biggest table there is in the house.
What does your work space look like right now? My work space is actually stored all in my linen supboard. When I need my beads out, I have to manually move the boxes from the cupboard onto the table-rather tedious, but it works.
How does your family feel about what you do? They support me tremendously! My parents buy me beads and stuff and they are just so encouraging.
Favorite part of owning your own business? You get to decide on the cost of something yourself :)
Least favorite? It’s tough work!
How do you relax? Just sitting down at the table in front of all your beads, anticipating an idea to hit you….and when it does, I can’t stop beading! I forget all my worries when I bead, it’s almost therapeutic.
If there were more hours in the day, what would you be doing? Beading. Without a doubt!!!