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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi everyone!

I'm really sorry for the immense and impending lack of updates of late... (I know I always SAY THAT!) but life has been extremely busy for me since school started. To sum it all up in a neat little phrase, it has been pretty much an academic whirlwind of stress, glum, more glum and the horrible sense of dread felt when you realize you're up to your neck in chem pracs, behind your history reading on Hitler and the infamous Nazis and all the rest of it. I can positively feel the flesh dissolving beneath my cheeks already.

Here's the deal in a nutshell: there is most certainly another collection coming up that will revolve around the theme of a nursery, abandoned toys, poignant memories of a childhood in the past etc etc along those lines, you get what I mean... and I'm very excited! I can foresee the main colour themes are going to be somewhat bronze, antique-gold sort of vintagey touchy stuff although I can say for sure there will also be the occassional inclusion of silver in places.

So yes! Stay excited, and I will be back soon. Till then, stay happy and cheery and hope I don't drown in my homework misery before managing to launch that new collection...

x Sam

PS If you can't bear to leave the site just yet, to keep yourself preppy about TRJ, here's a reason to linger around some more! Do this easy peasy poll for me!

PPS If you haven't already noticed, I've changed the meebo chat widget thingo found on the left sidebar to a whole new, radical and way more sophisticated plugoo! It's a long story why it's so much better but the bottomline is, it's because I can log on more often onto it, hence increasing the amount of my 'virtual' presence here at TRJ. (Don't hesitate to drop an instant message!)