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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally, an update after so long! Wouldn't blame some of you if you thought the site was dead. The holidays have proved extremely hectic although much has been got out of the way with, both homework and community service-wise. (I know... don't ask. And I'm not a juvenile delinquent, in case you were thinking that!!!)

Anyway here are a few more additions to the website, largely centering around the theme of semi-precious stones and crystals. I went on an extensive bead shopping trip at the start of the holidays which is almost as satisfying (if not more!) than clothes shopping by the way, and this is the end result! Also look out for some lovely Czech glass lampwork beads in this round of jewellery, they are rather fascinating beads. DID YOU KNOW:

The technology for glass beadmaking (which make lampwork beads) is among the oldest human arts, dating back 30,000 years (Dubin, 1987). Glass beads have been dated back to at least Roman times. Perhaps the earliest glass-like beads were Egyptian faience beads, a form of clay bead with a self-forming vitreous coating.

And there you have it. Another of the world's greatest mysteries revealed. But I should stop prattling now, enjoy this collection, Potpourri, and look out for many more to come!