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Friday, February 29, 2008

I decided to give myself a treat today, seeing as it is a Friday night after all and I pride myself for not having come to a mental breakdown from the past 3 weeks of school.

So, a new necklace is here! It is called 'Golden Girl', because it makes me feel happy and glowy inside thinking about something which could tentatively be a daily morale booster for people- and what better morale booster than jewellery? This necklace encourages us to stand up to the daily trials and tribulations in life and love the golden girl that lives within our hearts :)

More details under 'necklaces'. Have a good week ahead guys! I know I will... with all my upcoming tests X_X

PS To all Singaporean visitors/TRJ customers, postage to Singapore is now only SGD$1.30! Join the Singapore Postage Surprise mailing list for more details. As for existing Singapore Postage Surprise mailing listees, check your emails!