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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi guys!

How is everyone? :)

This problem has been bugging me for quite a bit so I thought I'd get some input from you lovely people- I have been rather annoyed with the rate at which images on The Red Jewel load, even the pictures of the jewellery only all show up on an occassional basis.

I have also been playing with thoughts of completely revamping the site to match the theme of the pastel floral prints as can be seen in The Red Jewel's advertising icon:


Please take a moment to do 'em both, this is extremely appreciated and will indirectly affect The Red Jewel's near future! (omg have you ever felt so much power in your hands???)

How fast does this page and its pictures load for you?

Instant- I click, I get
Good- I only wait about 5 seconds
Mm...- I constantly refresh the page
Slow- No pics show up at all =(

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Should I change the existing layout to the theme of light pastel floral prints (see banner below)?

Yes, the page/pics might load faster
Yes, I'm sick of the current layout
No, the page/pics load fine
No, the current layout is LOVED!

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Thanks everyone! Have a great week ahead, till next time!