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Sunday, November 4, 2007

About The Red Jewel

Hello and welcome to my little online piece of heaven! I'm Sam, the girl behind the website and the jewellery pliers - a Melbourne-based, Singapore-born (and self-proclaimed) jewellery designer :) Jewellery making is one of my great passions; I enjoy expressing my inspirations drawn from the sights, colours and events gathered from my everyday life through creating wearable pieces of costume jewellery. I have a knack for experimenting with new things and an unending curiosity since I was little, particularly if it has anything to do with creativity and design.

The Red Jewel ('TRJ') was established in September 2007 on a rainy day, with SK over to play. Lots of bent wires, cracked crystals, calluses and chipped fingernails soon yielded a few (on hindsight, rather prehistoric-looking!) pieces. However the shop would not have materialised without the support of Aunty Alice, whose contagious passion for jewellery making inspired my own, my parents for their unwavering belief in my abilities all these years, and my close family and friends who have been superstars with spreading the TRJ word in its early days - you all know who you are :)

Thanks must also go to all my valued customers, particularly to those who have stuck it out with TRJ since its inception. To this day I remain unable to update this site as frequently as I would like, but the occasional note from you guys always serves well to remind myself that all this is worth doing.

Enjoy your stay!


serlian said...

Hi Sam,
Well done! and congrats on bringing your creativity into fruition....the pieces are lovely. so proud of you!: )