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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm back after half a year... wow

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it has been half a year since I last updated this place! I know I keep saying generic stuff like this everytime I return, but it always seems to be that way. In any case, I'm back - for a good 3 months, that is - and have been enjoying myself thoroughly. A few highlights from the past few days that I've been back include going out with family for my birthday dinner yesterday, a highlight-to-be is meeting up with friends tomorrow in the city, and having a massive wardrobe renovation. I can't wait for the holidays - we'll be jetting off to Singapore on the 28th of November so with that...

SINGAPORE CUSTOMERS GET FREE POSTAGE on all orders placed from now till the 25th of November!!! Note that I'll only be able to post out the jewellery once I'm back in Singapore, though.

While I'm at it, because Christmas is approaching and I'm feeling in a particularly generous mood, why not have another clearance sale. I'll see if I can whip out a Christmas collection in time before I leave, but for now I'm sorry I don't have any new pieces to satisfy you guys with - perhaps you can settle for a 30% storewide sale :)

To conclude, a few reasons to get spending and do me a favour by clearing out my current stash of jewellery as I'll definitely need more room very soon for new pieces:
  1. Free postage for Singaporean customers
  2. 30% storewide sale!!!!!!!!!
With that, I guess... no better way to wrap up this update by re-hanging up a sign that says "The Red Jewel is back in business!"

See you all very soon with new pieces of jewellery,