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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chirp chirp, Sam's back!

It's great to be back! Whilst gallivanting in Melbourne City I saw a cute bird quite similar to the one picture above (swallow? sparrow? mehhhh) and I got totally inspired to give the website a complete makeover, nature-themed with hints of girly and crafty in it. The result? 2 days completely wasted at the computer, but a very happy me. Oh and of course a much prettier website!

So if you guys haven't already seen my latest Twitter update, I did indeed come back to find that all my beads had been thoughtfully packed away for me in a box and shoved under my bed. Stubbornly, because I was really looking forward to making more stuff once I'd got back to Melbourne, I moved those boxes out from under the bed and haven't yet found a place to set all my beads up... but I will soon enough. Good news, though: I will be bringing every single last bead with me back up to Canberra when I go back next Saturday so The Red Jewel will have a new lease of life, hurrah!

For now... I have to get back to my very overdue holiday homework. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting stuff underway!