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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nowhere to go.


A sight I am not at all proud to acknowledge that, at this very moment as I type, still exists in my room. On my desk. On my Study Desk.

We had a barbeque today and had family friends over. My dad, being the great host as he always is, decides that we need a table to sit outside on the patio and eat because it was just such glorious weather. (it actually was, though; this afternoon. Amazing weather.)

But wheretogetthetable? Rather, whotogetthetablefrom? Very conveniently, I was in the shower when he pounced upon my workdesk. Mind, this is not my HOMEwork desk; this is The Red Jewel workdesk - my workshop! My life! And he swiftly and assuredly took the liberty of moving everyyyyyyyyyyything, every single last bead, off the table and stowed it all in my study, on my HOMEwork desk. Or not anymore, as present circumstances dictate.

Hence my sitting at the dining table right now, typing this out in a huff. It's just a vicious cycle of migration!

ANYHOW - hope everyone's been keeping well; holidays for me now hence the much more sporadic and abnormally frequent updating of the site - which is in no way beneficial toward my study apart from the fact that it does keep me relatively saner (than if I didn't make any jewellery at all) so there is heaps more jewellery uploaded to the site if you haven't already realised :)

Hopefully my work table will be restored to its original place soon so that my life can proceed as per normal.

Till then!