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Monday, August 25, 2008

I've gone mad- it's the crazy $10 sale, and it's happening right now! In eager anticipation of future new collections, I would like to clear all these remaining jewellery, so everything you see here is all going for $10. But you'll have to be very quick, this crazy sale lasts only for 5 days and there is mostly only 1 in stock per design. All payment has to be made by the 30th of August, this Saturday.

Otherwise, have fun!

Left to right: Summer Snow earrings, Frozen Time earrings

Left to right: Frilly Dilly earrings, Latte earrings

Left to right: Fragile Affections earrings, Golden Hearts earrings

Left to right: Silver Hearts earrings, Take A Chance earrings

Left to right: Sayuri earrings, Charming Finds bracelet