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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Customer Feedback

"Just got home from school to arrive to my lovely pair of Jade Roses (earrings)! So pretty, I love them! Many thanks to Sam for the fine craftsmanship and great customer service (keeping communication open and bearing with my slow transaction)! xxx"
- Irene, 20July10

"I received my jewellery today. Thanks for the great communication."
- Hannah, 3Feb10

"Thanks Sam, i received the bracelet- Capture My Heart. & Whooo i LOVE it~ It is definitely worth the long wait especially during the time i mailed u, u were out of town. Thank u for creating this bracelet. I will keep a look out constantly for ur new creations, hope to shop from u again soon."
- Carol, 3Feb10

"I always have a hard time choosing jewellery on The Red Jewel because every piece is so pretty and exclusive/handmade. But I NEVER regret my buys! Sometimes I can't bear to wear them out too. Thanks sam for all the effort in making all these lovely jewellery. Hope to buy more :)"
- Pei Geok, 26December09

"I've received my jewellery today & it looks really pretty! thanks! :)"
- Lydia, 18December09

"Hi Sam, so sorry for taking such a while to get back to you, I've been away. I've received my order and it's amazing! Thanks a bunch, i'll be looking forward to your new creations! (: "
- Naomi, 14December09

"I am happy to inform you that I've received my items in good condition - The Vain Butterfly and Diana (white version). =) It complements most of my outfits. Thanks, Sam, and have a good holiday!"
- Cheryl, 1December09

"Thanks Sam for a wonderful job. The jewellery are so pretty in real life. My ring esp..everyone asking where I got it from. Look forward to making a new one soon and thanks for the time taken into designing and making them. I am now the proud owner of the Amethyst Plumes series and the Summer Scent ring."
- Elizabeth, 13November09

"Hey Sam! I've received my pretty pretty bracelets today! It's awfully chic and I can't wait to wear it! Nice work :) can't wait to see more of your creations!"
- Sharifah, 4November09

"I received the bracelets in the mail today!! Thanks!! Its really really pretty and nicely wrapped with a nice pouch..hee!"
- Jean, 13September09

"I've received the package yesterday! Ohh my! They are lovely! I like them very much!"
- Susan, 14July09

"I received the items today! Thanks a lot. They r lovely esp Marquis! Thanks (:"
- Pei Geok, 14July09

"Hi Sam, this is to inform you that I had received my earring and bracelet today. Beautiful accessories. I Love it very much. Thanks alot."
- Rachel, 13July09

"Hi Sam, this is to inform you that I had just received the lovely earring today. Love it very much, good creation. Thank you."
- Rachel, 2July09

"I am thrilled with the Scattering of Nought necklace that I won at auction. A remarkable piece of jewellery that looks even better in real life. Keep making gorgeous items to tempt us with. Thanks,"
- Jo-Anne from Lysterfield, 15June09

"Hi Sam~~Love all the items...especially the Dorothy's Garden. (= The workmanship is so detailed...Thanks. Looking forward to your new updates.."
- Candice, 5May09

"Hi, I have received my bracelet after much await and I'm satisfied with the service. The bracelet is very pretty."
- Siti Aisha, 1April09

"Hi Sam! Just wanna let u know I received the necklace yesterday. It's really beautiful! Thanks so much! Looking forward to your new updates. :)"
- Sherrilyn, 28March09

"So far, all of my purchases from The Red Jewel have been 'ooh'ed and 'aah'ed by my friends. And I have no reason to disagree with them. Each piece is beautifully created and very original. I am a big fan of the bracelet collection, and have always been satisfied with my purchases. Keep up the good work! I'll be looking forward to your next collections and I'll be sure to tell my friends that the bracelet I'm wearing can only be found in one place! =) Best wishes."
- Zoe, 3March09

"I just received my necklace today in the mail. I must say - the whole thing's packed really well! Bubble-lined envelope & a bonanza pouch with the necklace inside really makes it assuring that TRJ will always provide good service regarding every small detail! I absolutely love "Dimpled Berry"! Its winter colours make me wish its Christmas all over again. To put it simply - elegant but suitable for everyday wear. Good job Sam! Thanks a lot! \(^^)/"
- Crystal, 23January2009

"Hi... Just received my item... It's indeed a piece of wonderful art...!!! U can be sure that I will be visiting ur blog very very often... =)"
- Cherry, 8January2009

"OMG, it's even prettier! when I see it (: (Butterfly Stretch bracelet). It's simply simple yet stunning! Thanks Sam! Have a Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas!"
- Sharifah Radhiah, 21December2008

"Hi Sam, I received the package (customized Figments Of Imagination set). It is beautiful, I love them...."
- Jaslyn, 20December2008

"My Golliwog's Romp necklace is so pretty...thanks TRJ!"
- Bloom, 3December2008

"Hey I've just received my item today. I really love it. Can't wait for my grad night~ Thank you so much! =D"
- April Ng, 23October2008

"Hello Sam! Recieved my item. Really pretty! Love it."
- Regine, 20October2008

"Hey! I've received the necklace... Pretty pretty pretty! Just so lovely.... :) Thanks."
- Liyana, 16October2008

"Hi Sam! I've received my items already! They're really nice! Thanks!"
- Pamela, 9October2008

"Hi Sam, sorry took a couple of days to reply this, I received the package last week. Gorgeous pieces!"
- Rebecca, 7October2008

"Hi Sam, I love the four bracelets I have just purchased from you, particularly Golliwog's Romp and Innocent Pinks. As always they are beautifully made and your customer service is great. Keep making gorgeous bracelets! Thanks, Jo."
- Jo-Anne K, 23September2008

"I got my customised Midnight Summer bracelet today and it is absolutely gorgeous! I wish there were more bulk discounts for the basic memebers as well."
- Joyce, 16September2008

"I received the frozen time earrings safely. So pretty! Thanks!"
- Peigeok, 10September2008

"Hi Sam, got the items Thanks! I love the heart necklace!"
- Rebecca, 4September2008

"Thanks for the constant updates, I knew when to expect my items. The earrings are simply beautiful! =)"
- Ivy, 3September2008

"hello... yep, i've just received the earrings.. they're really beautiful! =)"
- Jun Ling, 3September2008

"Hey Sam, I GOT IT!! (Moonlit Whispers necklace) IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! =D The necklace is worth the wait, it's a beauty. thank you so so much =)"
- Syima, 20August2008

"hello sam, i received the jewellery already. they are so pretty. looking forward to more of yor creations. :) thanks."
- Mei Sum, 6August2008

"I chanced upon your online shopping blog, and boy, I must say I'm hooked on looking at all your creations! They are indeed very lovely, and so does one of my girlfriends agree after I've introduced your site to her. I also like that fact that you have creative names for each of your creations, and your pictures are very clear."
- Cheryl Yip, 4August2008

"Hi Sam, I've received it (Blue Winter bracelet). It's beautifully made. Thank You so Much!"
- Indra Hamzah, 29July2008

"Hi Sam! I gotten the jewels! Thank you very much, it is very lovely! Love your jewels very much and thanks for the fast responese always. =)"
- Qing Yu, 24July2008

"An aesthetically pleasing blogstore to browse through, The Red Jewel has a very nice and well-designed layout which very much suits the name the of the blogstore! The Red Jewel is run by Sam, a Singaporean girl currently based in Australia. Her accessories are mostly simple and clean cut, with an occasional few slightly more complexed ones. Judging from the website, i personally feel that Sam, the owner of The Red Jewel, specializes more in necklaces. Her more complexed pieces are mostly found in the necklace section. Not that all the other accessories aren't nice. They are, in fact, rather pleasing! Plus they are easy to match and not too showy, which is a good thing because it means that its very much suited to daily use! However, i feel that some of the prices are quite high and its the only factor that's keeping me from sweeping the whole blogstore clean! Good and bad in certain ways i guess. Or perhaps its just me being strict on my budget. After-sales service is awesome! I always feel that after-sales service is extremely important in order to make customers even more satisfied with their purchases! The first time i bought a bracelet from Sam, it arrived in the mail all broken! I immediately contacted her about it and she told me to mail it back to her and that she'd repair it and send it back at no cost at all, and she even gave me a free pair of earrings to make up for it! Now that is not a must for all blogshop owners, but what she did was really sweet and i feel that she really took it to another level by doing such a thing, and i was really pleased with how she handled everything, unlike some other blogshop owners who shirk responsibilities of accessories being spoiled in the mail. Do visit The Red Jewel if you're looking for some nice accessories and you're not too tight on budget! Its worth paying for!"
- A special review by Vanessa on Yebber,22July2008

"The Red Jewel has always been my favourite. I always enjoy viewing the release of each new collections, the designs are so beautiful. Today by looking at your latest collection "Potpourri" what more should I say, it is simply marvellous, kudos to Sam, the "Young Entrepreneur" ..yeah!"
- Wynx, 11July2008

"I surfed sam's blog.... excellent! excellent! I love the pieces she created, she is very talented... I love the most her write-ups and all those charming names she gave to her creations. I am so proud of her! I really really enjoyed surfing the site and will definitely go back to visit it again. I rated the site "excellent", because I really love surfing her web... so beautiful... Congratulation to Sam! Good Work and keep it up!"
- Pngoh, 23June2008

"Hi, I've just received my jewelery today. They are really beautiful~ I can't wait to wear them out (and show my friends ;D) already. Thank you so much! Will be looking forward to purchasing from you again~ (I really love the Enchanted Tales collection, just a great pity I'm broke for the month already.) With many thanks,"
- April Ng, 16June2008

"I just got given some handmade jewellery from The Red Jewel, so I thought I would check it out. My first impression was that it failed some fairly well-known usability conventions. However the more I looked at it the more impressed I was by it. Complete with loltalk (omg!), smileys and most important of all, a friendly writing style. The site engages its users, speaking to them on their level, while providing necessary information. From reading the site you get a real sense of the person behind the jewellery - you know you're not talking to a big online store but an actual, real-live person. It also provides information clearly - with the advent of global online stores users need to quickly find out whether they ship to their physical location, and I found that instantly (under Frequently Asked Questions)."
- Gian, 13June2008

"Hi Sam, I've received my stuff yesterday morning. Omg... Blue Winter is really a beauty, Roses n Poses is so sweet (but a little different from the one from your website), Champagne is also a beauty... and elegant, Angel's Tears is so shiny. Thanks for the alteration of Tangled Up In U, now it is the length that i want. All very well made and very nice! Nice shopping with TRJ, thank you very much Sam."
- Flora, 25May2008

"Thank you, Sam! You've been really understanding and I really appreciate that. I have seen the Moonlit Whispers earrings and necklace and I think they are fabulous!! I absolutely love them and I'll come to you for any other future customizations. I will let you know when I get them, so no worries! I really appreciate your efforts and I thank you, sincerely, for it. You take pride in every single piece of your work and I am very, very impressed. Cheers!"
- Nicholyn on her customized Moonlit Whispers set, 20May2008

"Hi Sam, I have recieved the items (Sweet Nothings earrings + ring), and they are in excellent condition! I loovvveee both items... My sister is jealous!! Hahaha!! Thanks again for the smooth transaction."
- Yvette on her customized Sweet Nothings set for her sister's wedding, 17May2008

"Hi Sam, I've received the (Vintage Origins) necklace yesterday... It's lovely :) Thank you."
- Lay See, 11May2008

"Hi I have received the (Yin Yang Twins + Sweetheart) earrings! Pretty! :) Very delicately made and the materials are so exquisite :)"
- Delphine T, 9May2008

"I received the jewellery yesterday. I love the Natasha necklace tons. The Sweet Nothings ring was a bit chunkier than I expected, but it's my fault for not reading the dimensions I'm sure were there. Thank you for the easy transaction."
- Lina L, 9May2008

"Got the parcel today (Golden Girl necklace + Sunshine and Daisies necklace).....thanks! Love the items, thanks :)"
- Rebecca, 6May2008

"I've just received the Tribal Treasure bracelet! Thanks for repairing it so nicely! =D And thanks for the earrings too... Really sweet of you."
- Vanessa T, 3May2008

"You have a FABULOUS collection of jewellery. I love them all, the intricate design, the originaity, the uniqueness and everything else. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. :)"
- Liyana, 10April2008

"I have already received your jewelleries! (Bejewelled earrings, Flowersong earrings, Eclipse necklace) And I must say I am quite pleased. :) They're very pretty! Thanks again for the hard work :)"
- Ilyana, 6April2008

"I just received the necklance (Black Magic) as well the bracelet (Pink Spring). It's really pretty. Thanks! (:"
- Rita, 1April2008

"Thanks, I've received the necklace (Black Magic) today. It's lovely... thanks."
- Denise, 27March2008

"I just recieved the braclet (Popeye's Bracelet) and it is indeed really pretty and nice! Your designs are really skillful and sweet! (yay! ^u^)"
- Bridget, 20March2008

"The Softly Elegant customised jewellery set is simply gorgeous, it is a perfect match to my Mother of the Bride outfit. My daughter and I have purchased many items from Sam (both customised and from the ready made collection) and will continue to do so. Thanks Sam for a job well done!"
- Frances B, 9March2008

"Hi! I've received the items (Sweet Dreams set + Summer Frolic bracelet) today! They are exquisite, love them! Thanks!"
- Jasmine A, 1March2008

"I've received the necklaces (Budapest and Heartsong)! Thanks so much for taking the effort to wrap it in a nice bag :D Am extremely pleased! Thanks again!"
- Ilyana, 23February2008

"I've just received the two packages (Pink Fling set and Tangled Up In You necklaces) today!! And I'm VERY HAPPY! Thank you so much!!!"
- Michelle, 21February2008

"I've received the necklaces, they're beautiful! Thanks also for the bracelet, love that as well :) "
- Xiaoxiang, 6February2008

"I have received the Blue Winter set today. It's beautiful!!!!! I love it!!!!! Thank you very much."
- Kaliane, 30January2008

"Thank you Sam for my customised set of jewellery made specially to match the dress I am wearing for my sister's wedding in February 2008. The Enrapture (necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring) is an exquisite, classy, quality made, one of a kind set of jewellery. Thank you for your attention to detail, regular feedback during the design process and hand delivery. I will highly recommend you to others and continue to indulge myself from time to time!"
- Jo-Anne M, 24January2008

"I like it (Pink Spring bracelet) alot, thank you! It's so unique, and so pink! Pink is my favourite colour."
- Lidia, 18January2008

"Hey there, you are absolutely creative in your designs. It's a joy browsing your website."
- Jenny, 8January2008

"Gorgeous hand crafted jewellery, excellent attention to detail, affordably priced, cool website and great customer service. I will be a repeat customer and recommend you to others. Thanks, Sam!!"
- Jo-Anne M, 5January2008

"Thanks for the bracelet Blue Winter, the design is awesome; as well as trusting me that I will pay for the bracelet later."
- Nicole, 5January2008

"This website blew me away the second the screen finished loading! One thing I LOVE about this shop is how the owner spends a huge amount of time making sure each item is shown at it's TOP, BEST condition. Secondly, it's the VARIETY, (yet matching!) jewellery!!! It just makes my heart flutter looking at them. I am very glad to say more variations and bold ventures into rings... hopefully we'll get to see more of them flowing out of this space!I Wishing you good luck & all the best! This is a website I'll definitely introduce to my friends (:"
- Dawn, 4January2008

"Happy New Year to the most creative owner of the one and only online jewellery shop in town, The Red Jewel. Keep up the good work! I'll always visit The Red Jewel if I am stressed as the beautiful designs of all the jewellery reduces my stress immediately! My Dainty Petals set (earrings & necklace) catches lots of attention, and of course I get real positive remarks, thanks to The Red Jewel. Take that beautiful shot of "Prague & Budapest" to a photography competition, you'll definitely be a winner! I'm so proud to show my jewellery from The Red Jewel, its so beautiful and so special... take a look at the bracelets Contraband, Purplum, Shuffled Pearls and all the other earrings and necklaces. All thanks to The Red Jewel of course!"
- Flora, 3January2008

"I love the necklace Little Cherub and I wear it just about anywhere! It's really pretty and my friends all ask me where I got it from. Keep up the good work!"
- Broc, 27December2007

"Hey there, red jewel girlies!! Well, i just have to say that i have NEVER in my LIFE seen such wonderful jewellery! Each piece is so exquisitely handmade, and i completely appreciate all the time and effort put into making them. Please, keep doing what you do best! Love from an EXTREMELY impressed customer."
- Syl, 12August2007