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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TRJ Mid Year Sale 09 + Singapore Postage Surprise!

It's that time of the year that calls for a full clearance of my jewellery! Ridiculous discounts of 50% or more await you as you click the following buttons to navigate through this once-a-year, not to be missed, awesome sale. Enjoy!

Discounted lines:

Terms & Conditions of TRJ Mid Year Sale 09:
1. Normal mailing list benefits not applicable.
2. Prices are in AUD. For conversion to other currencies, this link.
3. Prices do not include postage costs.
4. Sale ends 5 July 2009. (including the earring sale; it's been extended!)

PLUS - massively discounted postage rates for my loyal Singapore customers. Can this sale + cheap postage combination get any better??? (I think not!)

Terms of Singapore Postage Surprise:
1. Offer expires on the same day as the TRJ Mid Year Sale; on 5 July 2009. This means that if you submit your order on 5 July, and the invoice is mailed to you only on the 6th of July, postage rates in the invoice will still follow that of Singapore Postage Surprise.
2. ***If you choose to participate in this, your purchase will only be posted out on the fixed date of 11th July 2009, as part of a bulk consignment. (IMPORTANT!!)***