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Friday, April 4, 2008

I am so excited!!!

(I think you should be too)

Presenting... Locked Secrets. The Red Jewel's first ever collection of Silver Heart Lockets- in the form of an intricate necklace, together with swarovski crystal hearts and pearls. What could be prettier?

Comes in 2 colours- pink and blue. This is good for people who missed out last time on the ever popular necklace, Heartsong. I reckon the design's about the same.

Another thing: I actually have extremely limited stock of the lockets (sorry dudes, that's the way things are- good things don't come in bulk... or at least they don't this time!) so once they're sold out I will not be able to do any more remakes. Just to let you guys know!

And another thing: This will probably be the last update for a long, long time (I know- I keep saying that don't I) but I'm actually serious this time!!! Once school starts that's pretty much the end of The Red Jewel... at least for a little while, hopefully! Just as well this time's update is really gorgeous, so it is a fitting way to end the holidays for me. (*tear*)

Anyway, I really should stop blabbering now. Here comes the eye candy, and I'll see you guys round here soon!

More details under necklaces.