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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Quick Update.

Hi there everyone,

I have just realized that I have neglected The Red Jewel (as far as making jewellery is concerned) for quite a while haven't I! Well the holidays have proven to be slightly more busy than anticipated so I heartily apologize for this seemingly neverending hiatus.

Nevertheless- the good news.
  1. I have actually got a few more pieces of jewellery that I have made and have yet to put up on the website, hang on to your horses.
  2. For those of you who still remember the popular necklace 'Heartsong', (see necklaces) I am happy to announce that I am expecting a new arrival of similar heart lockets in silver, except nicer and more intricately designed!!! (I am very excited about this) So do be on the lookout for a very limited (I think I only have less than 5... oops) but gorgeous collection of silver heart locket necklaces.

By the way, what do you guys think of the newly renovated layout? I'm LOVING IT because I almost killed my eyes/brains trying to get all the html right.

See that scrolly pic of the girl on the left? That's me! I am now exist as a 'virtual shop assistant' and will be here at The Red Jewel 24/7 assisting you guys! (heh heh... actually I just thought it would be more convenient if you guys had the navigations at the side all the time.)

Also, if you take a peek in the individual jewellery categories you'll realize that I've broken them up into groups such that you're not viewing more than 50 items at once. This is just to help the pictures load quicker.

So! What with all that, put on a cheery smile and I'll see you guys around here soon!