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Friday, January 18, 2008

Attention: TRJ customers in Singapore!

In addition to our regular mailing list, I've now come up with an additional mailing list that I thought you guys would like to know about.
From time to time, I'll be conducting an exclusive postage service called the 'Singapore Postage Surprise' which greatly reduces postage charges for purchases to Singapore- during the course of this offer, postage charges will only cost $AUD1 (i.e. SGD$1.30)!

Bearing in mind this exclusive offer only happens occassionally and expires within a given date, in order to know when this offer is happening, join the 'Singapore Postage Surprise' mailing list. It's the same deal as the regular mailing list, except you only get emails which inform you when this offer starts/ends.

To join, send me an email at with:
1. A suitable email address to which updates can be sent to
2. Your postal address- very important!
And that's all! Happy Shopping!