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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sorry for any late replies in emails or the like- I have been away in the past week, holidaying! It's been a great break, but I guess nothing beats returning to the pliers and starting work again at The Red Jewel!

Here are just some stuff that some customers have requested and I'd specially created for them, thought I'd put them on the website to share with everyone too! I'm really proud how well all of them turned out.

Oh and I guess I'd better grab this opportunity to say this: customizations are welcome, just send the following to and I'll see if I can do it for you!

1. Type of accessory (necklace, earring, bracelet etc)
2. Colour theme
3. Preferred type of beads to use (glass beads, crystals, charms etc)
4. (if applicable) If you want to match it with an existing design that's already on the website...

Or anything else you'd like to add.

But for now, enjoy the following treasures, and I'll see you guys round soon!