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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Springtime... is here!

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Yes, so do check out our latest releases under the respective jewellery categories at the top of the page!


We've been extremely busy resurrecting this entire website, so we thought we'd just collate everything we've been hard at work with here!

So, specially for our most patronizing customers, here are some housekeeping matters worth taking a look at:

1. Mailing List: This has caused us so many sleepless nights. We've been trying to get a good host for mailing lists, but so far we've only found and they aren't exactly the most reliable hosts around, seeing as they have failed to send us our one week overdue verification emails.

Long story short, we've decided to take things into our own hands, so until we find a suitable mailing list host, we would like to invite anyone who's interested in receiving first hand updates on The Red Jewel's newest releases to send us their email addresses.

2. Irregularity of website updates: Because school's about to start in exactly a week's time for us, you can expect The Red Jewel to be pretty much in hibernation for a few more months till the December holidays. Of course, do keep checking as we might occassionally update it. Once again, it would prove extremely beneficial if you joined our Mailing List so that once we come back to life, emails will be sent all around!

3. Advertising of The Red Jewel: Just a friendly reminder that where it says "Like What You're Seeing? Then Help Spread The Word!" up at the top of the navigational column on the left, customers are most heartily invited to paste the html into their own blogs/sites to help spread the sparkly word of The Red Jewel! We would be more than honoured if you did :)